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Perforator artery repair in revascularization of extremity degloving injuries


 Introduction: This article aims to expand the microsurgical treatment options for extremity degloving injuries with perforator artery repairs of the specific degloved angiosomes in upper and lower extremity.

Methods: Fourteen perforator arteries were repaired in seven patients. Four of them had circumferential degloving and 3 of them have non circumferential degloving injury. All had repair of the perforator arter- ies of the specific degloved segments. Four patients had additional vein repairs but none of the patients had AV shunts.

Results: All perforators provided adequate arterial supply to their specific angiosomes with some necrotic areas in neighboring angiosomes.

Conclusions: Perforator artery repair within the degloved tissues provides a direct arterial supply suc- cessfully even if one could not find an intact venous plexus.