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Osteorthritis is an ongoing joint disease and causes joint pain and stiffness characterized by degenerating on joint cartilage and adjacent bone tissue.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most frequent joint diseases. It is equally observed in men and women. But iy may appear in men in early ages.

Osteoarthritis possibly appear as a result of abnormal degeneration of cells that produces substances belong to the connective tissue. Findings such as bone pains, limitation of joint movements, easier injuring and breaking of bones are very common in patients with osteoarthritis.

When the disease progresses;

  • Bone pains become significant
  • joint movements are limited
  • rattle sound called crepititation during joint movements and joint becomes not opened
  • Projection may arise on the farthest joint on fingers, back pain
  • stiffness on neck and on the lower vertebra
  • numbness as a result of nerve compression of osteophytes
  • weakness on arms and legs and similar neurological problems may occur.

As etiology is not lightened enough, it does not have a cause-oriented treatment. Nevertheless, the progress is not as severe as arthritis. Treatments such as exercise, physiotherapy, supportive tools, drug treatment and surgical intervention are applied if necessary. Osteoarthritis is mostly seen 1st carpormetacarpal joint in the hand. This disease is also called as risarthrosis. When hand functions start to be degenerated, surgical treatment may be discussed.