A Descriptive Study of 972 Consecutive Cases of Carpal

Objectives: Carpal tunnel release is one of the most commonly performed
operations in hand surgery. Carpal tunnel release is simply
defined as division of transverse carpal ligament. Ancillary procedures
such as neurolysis, mass removal, and synovectomy may be indicated in
selected cases. The purpose of this study is to analyse the range and frequency
of ancillary procedures in a series of open carpal tunnel releases.
Methods: In this study, an analysis of 972 consecutive open carpal tunnel
releases was performed in 694 patients to assess the frequency of required
additional procedures. Operation notes of these patients were reviewed in
terms of ancillary procedures to standart carpal tunnel release.
Results: Fifty-six of 972 (5.76%) cases required an ancillary surgical
intervention. Ganglia removal for 9 (0.92%), synovectomy for 8 (0.82%),
internal neurolysis for 13 (1.33%), external neurolysis for 23 (2.36%),
segmental neurectomy and nerve repair for 3 (0.3%) patients were performed.
Conclusion: Additional procedures is advocated as adjuncts to the
carpal ligament release, in an effort to decrease the failure rate after
operation in indicated cases.
Key words: Carpal tunnel surgery, ancillary procedures.