Diagnosis and Treatment of Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Problems



 In light of the developments in wrist arthroscopy; the anatomy and function of the TFCC located in the ulnar part of the wrist have become more understandable. This structure, which has important roles in the biomechanics, stability, and load transfer of the wrist, is damaged on the basis of acute trauma or chronic degenerative process. TFCC lesions, one of the causes of pain at the ulnar side, manifest with pain and functional limitation in the wrist. Although it is possible to diagnose most of these lesions with a careful physical examination and imaging methods, the gold standard is wrist arthroscopy. In such patient groups, who may be encountered in daily orthopedic practice and hand surgery outpatient clinics, the primary treatment is conservative. If there is no response to conservative treatment, it is possible to obtain satisfactory results with open or arthroscopic surgical methods.


Keywords: Wrist injuries; triangular fibrocartilage; arthroscopy